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CHECK-OUT is at 12PM!

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This form is for all visitors and guests (parents/guardian, church pastors/leaders, etc.) who are asking to come to any part of Pursuit Camp 2022! We are happy to accommodate you! This form will help us welcome you and ensure that you have the information you need.


  • What is Virtual Check-In & Out? Is that the same as registration? 

    • They are NOT the same things. The purpose of Virtual Check-In & Out is to give the Pursuit Camp Admin & Safety team necessary information specifically for the drop-off and pick-up of your student/s. By filling out this quick form, you are able to tell us who is dropping off your student and who they can expect to pick them up. This reinforces safety measures and adds a confirmation in communication of whose care the student is in. We use this information to cross-check as well that your student has arrived and has been picked up. Remember, this is ALL VIRTUAL and can be done before you leave the house to drop your student off or even in the car once you have arrived. We will have leaders/volunteers stationed to help you should an issue arise. We want this to be as quick and easy as possible for you as a parent/guardian. 

  • What is registration? 

    • Registration is the first thing your student will do once they have arrived at camp. For the parent/guardian, if Virtual Check-in has been completed, you can simply drop your student off and you are not needed at the time of registration. An exception to would be if the parent/guardian wanted to give specific instructions to the Pursuit Camp Admin Team regarding medication or some other note of care for the student. You can also achieve this by emailing us at thepursuitcamp@gmail.com and we will be sure to be in touch with you. At the time of registration, your student will walk up to the designated area (in the Tabernacle), tell the volunteer their name, receive their Swag Bag (with map, schedule, security wristband, journal for the week and Pursuit Camp shirt) and then will be helped to their assigned cabin for the weekend to get settled in before our Kick-off Session! 

  • What if I want to contact my student? 

    • If you already have the contact information for your students' youth pastor/director, you can contact them directly. They can get you in touch with your student. You can also email us at thepursuitcamp@gmail.com or reach out to the Camp Administrator to be directed to who you need to contact. 

  • Will the sessions be livestreamed? 

    • We are planning to do our best to make a Zoom link available so you can tune into sessions. Stay tuned for more information sent out via email or links here on this page of our website.

  • What if my student needs to leave and come back to camp? 

    • If you have an appointment that couldn’t be changed or another conflict and your student needs to leave early or arrive late, please email us at thepursuitcamp@gmail.com so that our Admin & Safety team can make a note of that. 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to your Youth Pastor/Director or email us at thepursuitcamp@gmail.com.